Prof. Otman CHAKKOR.


Otman Chakkor received a PhD degree with summa cum laude in 2004 in Signal Processing for communications, from Granada University, Higher Technical School of Computer Sciences and Telecommunications --Spain--

from 2001 to 2009 he has been a RF engineer in MAROC TELECOM company, a main telecom operator in Morocco.


Research Areas


    1.  ill-posed inverse problem, Blind signal separation, Independent Component Analysis
    2. Machine learning for signal processing, Sparsity for signal processing.
    3. Signal processing and Communications.
    4. Wireless and Mobile Communications, 5G
    5. Beamforming and MIMO.


Lecture courses given:




Current PhD Students

  • Houda Abouzid . Audio Signals separation and localization.
  • Khaoula el Janati, Learning methods for Cognitive Radio.
  • Rajae lemhamedi, Advanced Beamforming methods for 5G mobile communications.

Blind signal separation

Keywords: Blind signal separation, Independent component analysis, Sparse component separation...

Signal processing and Communication

channel equalization, signal processing for MIMO channels, beamforming

Machine learning for signal processing

Support vector machine, basis pursuit...







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