Prof. Abdellah El Fallahi


Abdellah El Fallahi received his PhD in Neural networks optimization  in 2004 from the university of Valencia Spain. Now he is a full professor at ENSATe (Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquées de Tétouan). Her main research interests are logistics system and supply chain optimization.


Research Areas:

  • Logistics system and supply chain optimization

    • Vehicle routing problems
    • Neural networks optimization
    • Heuristics and metaheuristics methods


Lecture courses given:

  • Operational research
  • Probability and statistics
  • Queuing theory
  • Warehouses and stocks management
  • Distribution logistics
  • Modelling and optimization of the industrials systems
  • Petri net
  • Operating reliability analysis

Current PhD Students

Career experiences:

  • From 2009 full professor at the ENSA of Tetouan, Morocco.
  • Post doc position at the laboratory of optimization of industrials systems at the university of technology of Troyes, France ( from 2004 to 2006).
  • Research and Development Engineer at the INRA of Paris ( from 2007 to 2008).
  • Research and Development Engineer at France telecom Belfort ( from 2008 to 2009).


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